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Priscilla Renea

Priscilla Renea has been making up songs in her head since she was a little girl. Known for penning tracks in under ten minutes, the singer/songwriter's innate musical gifts shine undeniably on her Virgin Records/EMI debut "Jukebox". As the 23-year-old readies to take over the airwaves, charts, and Internet with her refreshing pop soul, Renea's fanbase have been paying tribute to the songstress themselves on YouTube in anticipation, boasting more than 50 covers of her original online hit "Hello My Apple"; an innocent ode to young love as melodically memorable as the sweetest lullaby. It was released as the title track on Priscilla Renea's teaser EP, "Hello My Apple". More recently, Priscilla has lent her songwriting talents to such artists as Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, Rihanna, and Selena Gomez.

Attaining big city love and being on Broadway became Priscilla's goals when she started winning musical theater competitions in the 10th grade. As an Army kid who attended more than 20 schools while she and her parents shuffled from state to state. Choir and theater classes were the only constants throughout Priscilla's childhood. Anxious to follow her dreams to New York City after high school graduation, she began writing, recording, and posting songs on MySpace and YouTube from her bedroom in Vero Beach, Florida; a quiet retirement community that made the fast life seem further away than it soon proved to be for Priscilla Renea Hamilton. After a gift from her father one Christmas and with the help of an instructional web site, she taught herself how to play guitar every day until her fingers got purple. The practice paid off as Priscilla's online buzz soon started to soar; her sweet "I Fell In Love With You," quirky "Hello My Apple" and playful, impressive endeavor of singing the dictionary pushed her popularity well passed a million views. She furthered her exposure by entering online singing/songwriting contests and used her MySpace fame to land a spot on MTV's sing-along show "Say What? Karaoke" in May 2006. Her MySpace traffic skyrocketed, and music industry insiders quickly came calling.

After linking with her production company, Kenny Kold and Power Entertainment, 19 year-old Priscilla traveled to Atlanta to put her songwriting skills to the test, writing and recording around the clock.

"The song is only as good as the feeling in the room. My best songs are my quickest ones," says Priscilla, whose uncanny ability to crank out tracks is as apparent as her having Pop Star written all over her. "If I don't have to write it down, that's a good sign. If I can remember it, that means everybody else will be able to remember it too." Priscilla's production team moved her to Atlanta for good. "I was like, I gotta be sure that this is really gonna work 'cause if it doesn't, then I'm on my own," Renea says, recalling telling her mother that she would return home in two weeks. "I was like, how am I getting back? They're like, you're not coming back! My mom said she knew I wasn't coming back." Her instincts were right. After considering several label deals, Priscilla signed with Virgin Records/ EMI and is now gearing up to be the Next Big Thing. Nicknamed "The Quickness" for her ability to write a song in ten minutes, Priscilla is as comfortable writing for herself as she is writing for others who have different sounds than her own.

And while comparisons ranging from Corinne Bailey Rae, Natasha Bedingfield, and Sara Bareilles with a hip hop edge come to mind, Priscilla Renea insists she's unlike anything we've heard before. "I don't think I'm filling any void, it's just something new and fresh," she says of her unique, universal blend of pop; sure to soon be stuck in the heads of young women across the globe. On "Baby Please," an apologetic Priscilla begs a lost love to take her back, while the lighthearted "Bacon and Eggs" finds her serving up a hot breakfast to keep someone satisfied. "City Love" cautions to take things slow, promising "miles and miles of love" ahead. "Since I come from the Internet generation and I'm always online, I make songs unconsciously as a consumer as well as a creator."

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